Small Victories. Every Day.

Company Information

Bonnie Brae, founded in 1916 in New Jersey, is a therapeutic residential treatment center and special education school for historically underserved youth between the ages of 12+ - 21.  Our mission is empowering youth and families to achieve small victories every day through comprehensive care and education.

We have transformed the lives of 12,500 boys and families in our 100+ year history.  By the year 2025, we want to change the lives of 2,000 more boys and families in crisis. We are a fully-accredited and nationally-recognized residential treatment center, that provides a safe place for youth to heal, to learn and to grow. Nearly all boys who come to Bonnie Brae have suffered abuse, trauma or neglect. Many have significant addiction, mental health, learning and behavior challenges. Treatment begins with forming positive relationships between traumatized children and caring, knowledgeable staff.  In 2016, we began serving girls via our Intensive In-Community (IIC) program.  We are currently renovating our new 5 bedroom crisis stabilization home 'Cherry Tree Lane" in Chester, NJ, our first to provide residential treatment services to girls.  Cherry Tree Lane will provide services to males, females, non-binary and transgender youth.  The goal of the program is to deescalate crises, help youth manage behavioral and mental health issues, and establish connections with community resources so that they can return to a stable home situation.

We serve between 90 - 114 boys on our main campus in Liberty Corner, NJ and an additional 21 in our community-based transitional living homes in New Brunswick, Bound Brook and Bridgewater, NJ.

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