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Hip Hop For Change Inc. is the 2020 winner of both the SF Symphony's Ellen Magnin Newman Award for Outstanding Arts Organization and the Zellerbach Family Foundation's W.J. Zellerbach Award for Social Justice. We are on fire and looking to expand to LA and beyond. Do you have the talent, drive, and charisma to help us win the fight for our culture?

Hip Hop For Change Inc. is a BIPOC-led nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California. As an organization, we address the injustices of Hip Hop culture's misrepresentation through education and community building. Hip Hop For Change uses its platform to empower people who identify with Hip Hop culture and give them a safe space to express their most authentic voices, selves, and culture. Our core values stand with diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our goal is to advocate for all marginalized communities, including POC, LGBTQAI, Indigenous/Tribes, Immigrants, differently-abled bodies, poverty-stricken, systems impacted, and others affected by colonialism in all its forms. We have provided 25,000+ students worldwide with Hip Hop and social justice education, thrown 100+ free all-age social justice events, and hired 1000+ members from the community. Join the fight for our culture!

  • About our team: Hip Hop For Change prides itself on being an organization that goes beyond just "diversity and inclusion." Our leadership team is composed of people from all different backgrounds and cultures. We are community leaders and activists united by our passion for Hip Hop and social justice, and we are committed to ending white supremacy through our work, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

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