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The Margulf Foundation has been dedicated to supporting innovative approaches to education in Colorado and beyond since 1977. Our current strategic focus areas, in place for the last several years, ground Margulf’s work  in the understanding that the American education system wasn’t designed to meet the needs of all students when it was formed 150 years ago. Today’s students live in a world that looks dramatically different: our country is more racially diverse, technology is reshaping almost every aspect of our lives, and we’ve learned an enormous amount about how kids learn. The education system, with few exceptions, hasn’t caught up to these realities. If all children are going to reach their full potential in this rapidly changing world, the landscape of education must change. 

Margulf believes that through working with community-based leaders who are tapped into the assets and needs of students and families, we can truly provide the educational opportunities necessary for all kids to be successful. Through their direct impact on students and on the people who are creating and redefining learning spaces, Margulf’s grantees are collectively transforming the educational experience for students, families, and educators throughout Colorado and beyond.

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