Conserving birds and their habitats in NYC for over 40 years

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Founded in 1979, NYC Audubon works for the protection of wild birds and habitat in the five boroughs, improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. NYC Audubon’s conservation and science activities, education and public programs, and advocacy and outreach efforts on behalf of urban and migrating birds and wildlife are more critical than ever due to climate change effects and the devastating, steady loss of the natural environment in the City over many decades. NYC Audubon is a grassroots membership-based organization that is independent from but affiliates as an urban chapter of the National Audubon Society.

A tight-knit team of 14 staff, with the support of hundreds of volunteers, NYC Audubon serves a diverse community of nearly 10,000 direct and National-affiliated members and the people who live and work in America’s largest urban center.

NYC Audubon’s Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
NYC Audubon believes all people have the right to a close connection to the natural world and the right to a healthy environment. Preserving our environment is only possible if we all feel that connection. We recognize that inequities in our society are widespread and hinder access to nature. Only by embracing equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as values and striving for them in practice will we begin to foster a love of nature in all people and inspire them to be active stewards of the environment. We further believe that to thrive as an organization and effectively advance our mission and vision, the diversity of New York City’s people must be represented in, and welcomed into, our leadership, staff, and membership. The expertise, values, and perspectives of a diverse and inclusive organization are fundamental to expanding the reach and impact of our conservation, advocacy, and educational efforts. We commit to building an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible NYC Audubon, dedicated to protecting nature for all of New York City’s people and its wild birds.

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