We All Need To Be Watered

Nonprofit leadership can be complicted and overwhelming.
Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it alone


Uncomplicated, rewarding, synergetic: the benefits of joining The Rooted Collaborative ™ team of partners. Harnessing opportunities to ensure the social sector attracts and retains talented professionals of color. Together.

Why Sponsor The Rooted Collaborative ™?

At The Rooted Collaborative ™, we understand that you need a collaborator with a professional ecosystem that aligns to your own, today and in the future. You also need a partner program that supports, educates and empowers, all while rewarding your loyalty and investment in us.

The importance of community has never been greater, and technologies and trends in the social sector have never changed so fast. Whether it’s a for-profit team dedicated to advancing their social impact, a nonprofit foundation charged with making critical investments, or a large institution with development team members who need additional support – we’ll work with to reach your goals and achieve maximum results.

As you see, becoming a partner presents you with an extraordinary opportunity to deliver real value to your customers. In addition to providing the help you need, we have a great track record of supporting our teammates, so you can endorse our message with confidence.


Membership Tier 1

SEEDS (Young Professionals with 1-10 years experience) This entry level membership is a digitally-based introduction to The Rooted Collaborative ™ and its diverse professional resources. If you a student or young professional that’s:

  • Excited to expand their network
  • Eager to connect with brands that can help them develop professionally
  • Ready to take their careers to the next level
  • Looking for tips, tricks and connections to elevate their professional brand and career in beginner sessions

Then this is where you start!

Membership is $15/mo or $150 annually (Pay annually and get 2 months free!)

Membership Tier 2

ROOTS (Seasoned professional with 10+ years experience)

This mid-level ROOTS membership ensures you stay fully equipped as a professional, with all SEED level benefits plus support, empowerment and encouragement, as well as the latest resources, events, research, incentives and more. If you’re an experienced professional that’s:

  • At high risk of burnou
  • Looking to give back through mentorship and sponsorship
  • Ready to take their careers to the next level Operating a side business in the social sector and are thinking about “what’s next” on your career path or exit plan
  • A solopreneur or CEO of a full time consulting practice looking for peer support and tools for scale

Membership is $25/mo or $250 annually (Pay annually and get 2 months free!)

Institution or Corporate Memberships

This premium level membership provides unparalleled access to The Rooted Collaborative ™’s robust suite of member benefits, receiving ALL benefits at the SEEDS and ROOTS levels. Do you work for a large institution with five (5) or more women who are interested in joining the collaborative?

Send us an email at hi@therootedcollaborative.com and let’s grow together!

"We’re learning our worth, seeking our dues, and understanding that we can be ROOTED without being planted."
- Kishshana Palmer